About AB-EZE


  • Total Body Workout

    Over 70 exercises to sculpt your abs,tone your tush, strengthen your back, shape your legs, and shrink your waistline.

  • All Levels

    With the press of a button, the adjustable suspension strap places your body at an angle that is appropriate for you.

  • Portable

    Lightweight and stores compact in matching pouch. Great for people on the go! Toss it in your luggage or bag. Perfect for hotel, office, or dorm.

  • User Friendly

    For all ages and fitness levels with a variety of movements to relieve back pain, improve balance, and shape your body.

  • Simple Set up

    In just seconds, turn any door or fixed anchor point into your own personal gym using either the door anchor or carabiner.

  • Revolutionary

    Core muscles are recruited and instantly engage to stabilize your body as you lean on support pad and stay activated throughout all movements.

AB-EZE targets your core which radiates strength throughout your skeletomuscular system, improving stability, balance, and enhanced feeling of well being. A strong core supports physical strength in all movements and offers the ability to participate in an active lifestyle.
AB-EZE is not just a core strengthener; it is part of a philosophy that focuses on what we gain from physical fitness. We achieve real empowerment when we learn about, connect with, and strengthen our bodies. Real fitness isn’t about getting “back to the way we were” at some ideal point in history; it is about staying present in our current physical state of being and engaging in movement that results in looking good and feeling great!
In a world that demands so much of us, taking time for ourselves can feel like a faux pas. The AB-EZE C.O.R.E. Values urge us to remember that self-care is not “self-centered.” When we take the time to nurture our best selves, we become more empowered to be a force of strength for those around us. When you look and feel good, you are able to give more to your family, your community, and the world.
AB-EZE simplifies fitness providing a winning edge. It is a tool that is easy to use and empowers anyone to take control over physical health in the comfort of their own home while fitting into the busiest modern day schedule. The lightweight, portable design allows you to take it to your office, hotel room, dorm, or even while camping. AB-EZE turns any door or fixed anchor point into your own personal gym making it easy to pepper in exercise between meetings, during study breaks, as dinner cooks, or while baby naps. AB-EZE effectively turns unused minutes into body changing moments.
AB-EZE provides users of all shapes, sizes, ages, health histories, and fitness levels with the building blocks of a truly personalized workout. Whether you want to tone your tush, sculpt your abs, or strengthen your back, AB-EZE will help you meet your goals. By supporting your body and making sure that all exertion originates in your core muscles, AB-EZE allows you to intuitively experiment with new moves. Stick to the basics, challenge yourself with our more advanced exercises, or change it up with a dance-inspired flow!


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